The UK Family Visa Program allows UK nationals, UK permanent residents and EEA-nationals residing in the UK to sponsor partners, parents and children to remain in the UK.

Family members who are successful in receiving sponsorship through a UK Family Visa will be able to access the same benefits as the main applicant in terms of work rights, and rights to education for the children. In some cases, partners or children may need to apply for entry clearance before coming to the UK. The partner of the main visa holder would have the same conditions placed on their visa as the visa holder.

Partner Visa

A Partner visa allows spouses, unmarried partners and fiancé(e)s of UK citizens or permanent resident to live in the UK.

Family Visitor Visa

A Family Visitor visa provides the opportunity to meet friends and family in the UK for up to 6 months. Friends or family can also act as a UK sponsor.

EEA Family Visa

The EEA Family Visa is specifically for family members of EEA nationals living in the UK to join their family members.

Marriage Visitor Visa

A Marriage Visitor visa allows couples to travel to the UK for up to six (6) months to get married.